New Ice-Core pack for Castle Lite consumers!

With Spring upon us, Castle Lite are pushing the boundaries of innovation to help you (the consumer) stay refreshed extraordinarily.

The cool Ice Core 12-pack will be available in all major liquor outlets from September 1 and Pick n Pay and Shoprite/Checkers stores from 1st November, for a limited period only (September – December 2014) at only R133.95.

The über-efficient Ice Core offers the coldest portable self-cooling system to keep your Castle Lite extra cold for longer.

So, as from now on onwards no more moaning about the melting ice and (un)drinkable beer on your sight.

Kuben Nair, Castle Lite’s Marketing Manager for Strategy and Innovation, says: “Consumers are known to be on the move during the summer season, buying their beer on-the-go to take to a park, braai, or party.

While our multipacks are perfect to grab and go, we recognised an opportunity to do more.” 

“Traditionally, consumers open up a pack of beers, throw them into a big cooler box, top it up with ice and lug this with them. So we asked ourselves, how can we keep Castle Lite extra cold for extra-long?

Pack Innovation is a key driver of Castle Lite’s growth and we strive to offer our consumers exciting solutions that lock in extra cold refreshment for as long as possible, whilst incorporating cutting edge innovation,” continued Nair.

Now, go and grab yours before it runs out of stock!   

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