NFVF and IDC launch black filmmakers fund!

The fund, announced at the Durban International Film Festival, is targeted at local black filmmakers and producers.

The fund was launched after the two institutions identified a gap in the support of black filmmakers, particularly in relation to films produced. EBFTF will provide financial, marketing and other related support to emerging black filmmakers.

EBFTF is designed for filmmakers who have released fewer than five feature films. The two institutions believe this initiative will boost the local film industry, ensuring that filmmakers and producers create compelling content for South African consumption. EBFTF is designed for filmmakers who have released fewer than five (5)feature films, providing R4.5 million per film for production and R500 000 for marketing respectively.

The first phase of EBFTF includes identification of a pilot film to launch the process. The aim of the pilot is to refine the process from selection through to contracting and releasing of the film.

Call for proposals:IDC and NFVF are calling for proposals from filmmakers and producers to submit a two-page concept document for a fiction feature film based on the following criteria:-

Total production budget to be capped at R4.5-million- Writer and director must be black – Black producer must own minimum of 51% of production company (Successful applicants will be required to provide proof of ownership in the production company as well as a valid Tax Clearance Certificate). Concepts must be for theatrical release.

(Please note that only concepts that have scripts, already at a second draft stage, will be considered).

Cast must be made up of local artists. Successful applicants will be invited to pitch their concepts at a date and venue to be communicated after the completion of the selection process.

Late entries will not be considered.

Projects that do not have developed scripts will not be considered.

Budgets that are above the fund amount of R4.5 million will not be considered.

Applications will close at 12 midnight on September Friday 19, 2014.

Interested parties are invited to send their applications to production@nfvf.co.za

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