Nissan NP 300 snorkels in ‘Capital City’

Locals in that part of the world are known for being loose in accentuating things- so I obliged to their wont- as a result of a snorkel perched on the left.

How and why I landed in the ‘Capital City’ not once but twice–the crooner Joe Thomas was in the country serenading anything and everything that cared to move- for a two-day concert at the much loved Sun Arena, Hatfield.

And there he was- the ‘Snorkelling Body’ to carry me and my ‘partner in crime’ as we hit the Nissan NP300 2.5 TDI 4×4 Double Cab 2,5-litre turbodiesel engine, which exhibits little lag and moves through its rev range progressively- we clogged 80km/h along the N1.

Since we were in no hurry- we tested the engine that delivers 98kW and 304Nm of torque that tells its one of Nissan’s most popular engines for its extreme durability, ease of servicing and low fuel consumption- as happened.

Since its arrival we did not top or go near any garage for fuelling- considering the fuel increase this week.

For its price it features a bush bar with headlamp protection, tow bar, snorkel, roll bar, tonneau cover and a touchscreen with sat-nav and a reverse camera. The latter updates the cabin, including the four-spoke leather-bound steering wheel, airbag, infotainment system incorporates a CD player and a convenient USB port in the glove compartment.

Purposeful yes. The dead giveaway is its size. When parked next to modern double cabs, the difference is remarkable, as we did at the Sun Arena parking- with an array of top notch brands on display.

The problem with interior- the front seats feel a touch too narrow but provide surprising amounts of side support. Due to the chassis’ sheer height, the seats are mounted low to not restrict headroom. That, unfortunately, leads to a knees-up position for front and rear occupants. Most newer double cabs have successfully addressed this perennial issue that plagued older designs.

As for its 300 kg of cargo, we can’t comment cos’ we did not load anything heavier at the back- but that could’ve given me an idea the amount of its rear shocks and movement- alas- dololo!

A delight is the gearshift quality, which is relatively light but satisfyingly direct. You can even change gears without the clutch using some blipping of the throttle. Low range engages immediately thanks to a manual lever, another refreshingly robust feature.

Boasting a reliable record and ruggedness NP300 is ideal for off-road than a City bakkie.

Nissan NP300 2.5 TDI 4×4 Double Cab provides 6yr/150,000 km Warranty Period.

Its available from R 349 700

To own one or not- its entirely up to you!


Performance 1-10(5)

Fuel 1-10 (7)

Image (The ‘Snorkelling’ Nissan NP300).

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