NW Cosatu to disrupt Sama awards!

The labour movement, one of the biggest trade unions in the country, is reportedlyplanning a massive disruption at the resort, although Solly Phetoe, the fierce Provincial Spokesperson did not elaborate further.

According to Phetoe, the march is part of venting their anger towards the management at the Sun City resort on alleged racism and ill-treatment of staff.

“This is the only time to show the country and the world what is happening at this
resort,” says Phetoe.

“It’s unfortunate that since we began having series of talks with the management, they have turned deaf to our concerns. Now, we feel the march this weekend would send the message to all those attending the awards that our members working conditions at one of the best resort in the world is an eye-sore.”

“Perhaps having large media contingent would help drive home the message to the management that we’re not happy at the treatment meted out to our members,” says the agitated Phetoe.

“Last we had a meeting with them on the same matters during the Nedbank Million Dollar Golf Challenge, and the sponsors wanted to pull out but Sun International was cordial to the talks, hence the challenge went ahead.”

What broke the camel’s back was the contentious issue of the Guptas wedding last week, were black staff were subjected to racism and abused by guests.

“Until now, we haven’t heard a word from the management on that matter. So you’d understand what we’re faced with?” He asked.

The awards take place today and Saturday.

Sama organizers promised to get back to us but did not at the time of publishing.

Sun International or Sun City was not available for comment.

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