Potential Corona virus second wave on the cards, warning to SAs

This warning comes amid concerns that the country sits with more than
17,000 Covid-19 related fatalities and more than 680,000 confirmed
infections. And the likelihood this is going to increase in days.

Although the minister of Health Dr Zweli Mkhize has issued ‘cautionery’
outlook he has not shot down suggestions that the surge could be back in
the country.

“Of course we may still be facing a second surge. How likely that is, is
something I think we all speculate about because many of the countries that
are overtaking SA are on the second surge. But whether in SA it’s going to
be like that depends, of course, on how we deal with our containment
measures,” said Mkhize.

He said: “We have a plan now that’s been tabled with us from the World
Health Organisation (WHO) on how to deal with the second wave and,
therefore, I would say, we are in a much better position. Once we have gone
through the plan, I will suggest we come and share it so we are on the same
wavelength when it comes to preparation for the future,” he said.

He said the country had partnered the WHO, which had since deployed a
surge-response team of experts to the country.

“Part of what we asked them do is help us to pick up the surveillance and
monitoring early on; to pick up the change in numbers and possible
resurgence early so that we are in a position to say there is a need for us
to focus on the interim.

“I think we will probably do much better than what we had done in the past
because everyone really has a sense of what Covid-19 is about, the level of
fear and anxiety is less and the level of knowledge and understanding of
what works is much higher,” he said.

This does not augur well for the already battered economy and investor
confidence will be affected resulting in more job losses and depreciation
of the rand.

Tourism industry that is already on its knees- will lose that much needed

So, a call to our fellow South Africans-we’re not yet out of the woods-
lets adhere to the rules and regulations NOW because at later stage we
shall be in the same doldrums as other EU States who are facing the second
wave, assemblief tog!

Yes, this is a WARNING…

A doctor walks in the Respiratory & Meningeal Pathogens Research Unit (RMPRU) at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto on July 14, 2020. – Six senior clinicians in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Wits University have volunteered to participate in South Africaís first COVID-19 vaccine trial. (Photo by Luca Sola / AFP)

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