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Pres Zuma ordered to personally pay- as per ConCourt ruling!

The Presidency has confirmed it has received the report submitted by the National Treasury to the Constitutional Court on how much President Jacob Zuma must pay for non-security upgrades to his Nkandla homestead but will only comment on it later.

Pres Zuma ordered to personally pay- as per ConCourt ruling!

To pay up. Pres JG Zuma has been ordered by the ConCourt to pay within 40 days for some upgrades at his Nkandla homestead.

In a brief statement‚ it said it was “studying the report and will comment on it thereafter”.

The National Treasury has determined that Zuma must pay back a little more than R7.8m for non-security upgrades at his Nkandla home.

This was according to the report by Treasury submitted to the Constitutional Court on Monday.

“The reasonable percentage of the estimated costs of the five measures that the president would have to pay personally would be 87.94%.

“The percentage corresponds to R7‚814‚155 as at June 2009‚” the Treasury said in the report.

In March‚ the Constitutional Court declared that the failure by the president to comply with the remedial action taken against him‚ by the Public Protector‚ was inconsistent with the Constitution and invalid.

The court said the National Treasury must determine the reasonable costs of those measures implemented by the Department of Public Works at the President’s Nkandla homestead that do not relate to security.

It also said the National Treasury must determine a reasonable percentage of the costs of those measures which ought to be paid personally by the president.

In its report to the court on Monday‚ the Treasury said the enquiry it had to undertake was limited to five distinct non-security measures implemented at the president’s residence at Nkandla — namely‚ the visitors’ centre‚ amphitheatre‚ swimming pool‚ cattle kraal and chicken run.

The National Treasury‚ in its report‚ said it was assisted by two firms of quantity surveyors who were independently commissioned to visit the residence of the president at Nkandla and thereafter prepare a report on the reasonable costs of the said five measures.

Zuma will have 45 days within which to pay the amount once the report is approved by the court.

Meanwhile, the EFF who successfully took the President to court, says it’s unhappy on the outcome of the payment and will contest it.

“We’re want him (Zuma) to step down,” said emphatically the EFF,  reports Sydney Morweng, news editor.

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