Quo Vadis acting SABC COO?

In her report on maladministration at the SABC, Mandonsela found that the allegations that Mosoeneng committed fraud by claiming he had completed his matric from Metsimantsho High School were substantiated.

“By his own admission, Mr Motsoeneng stated in his application form that he passed standard 10 (matric), filled in made-up symbols in the same application from, and promised to supply a matric certificate to confirm his qualifications when he knew he had not completed matric and did not have the promised certificate,” said Mandonsela.

She added that Motsoeneng’s appointment to several posts in the SABC, despite not having the required qualifications, was improper and constituted maladministration.

“Mr Motsoeneng would never have been appointed in 1995 had he not lied about his qualifications and that he repeated that lie in 2003 when he applied for the post of Executive Producer of Current Affairs to which he accordingly should never have been appointed,” she said.

Mandonsela’s report also touched on Motsoeneng’s irregular salary progressions:

“I am unable to rule out bad faith in Mr. Motsoeneng in the circumstances that allowed three salary increases in one fiscal year resulting in Mr Motsoeneng’s salary being almost doubled. My discomfort with the whole situation is accentuated by the fact that all were triggered by him presenting his salary increase requests to new incumbents who would have legitimately relied on him for guidance on compliance with corporate prescripts and ethics.”

Motsoeneng’s salary as the acting COO increased by 63%, from R122 961 to R211 172 in 12 months.



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