RAF bags clean audit!

 The Auditor General Clean Audit Award recognizes the entity’s prudent and excellent  management of public funds in order to maximise service delivery.

 Dr Eugene Watson, Chief Executive Officer, congratulated the RAF’s Board, Audit Committee, EXCO, regions and all staff members who supported the organisation in its efforts to maintain a high level of integrity, efficiency and effectiveness in all of its administrative systems, processes, structures and delivery mechanisms.

 “I want to make special mention of the finance team, led by the Chief Finance Officer (Lesibana Fosu), who maintained the control system; the claims team, lead by the Chief Operations Officer (Lindelwa Jabavu) who addressed claims related control weaknesses which had long been registered on RAF audit reports; Executives for complying with RAF controls and our regional offices for improved resolution of findings,” said Dr Watson.

 Fosu added: “While it will be very challenging to maintain, we are determined to ensure that acquiring this clean audit does not become a once off event.”

Dube Tshidi, CEO of the Financial Services Board, expressed great pride at how the RAF is turning around its performance and commended the Fund’s progress.

“Given what the RAF has been through, they must keep it up, “he said.


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