RAF educates and gives back to communities!

   The objectives of the “RAF on the Road” campaign include, among other, to educate communities about the RAF’s service offering, to assist with the status of motor vehicle accident (MVA) claims, to make settlement offers, to issue medical undertakings certificates and to invite eligible community members to lodge claims directly with the RAF.  These events are also used as a platform to promote road safety, as well as the Fund’s corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives.


Interestingly, over R100m of settlements to claimants was also surpassed by the organization over the past financial year.

R18,6 million was made to direct claimants at the Mthatha City Hall in the Eastern Cape.  


Nozipho Jafta, Chief Marketing Officer at the RAF says: “We have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on these communities, with important stakeholders insisting that we return as soon as possible. This initiative has gained huge momentum since its inception in 2012, with more than 7 000 claimants having been assisted to date.


Regrettably, we cannot service every community in the country, but we are most definitely trying our best, ” she pointed out.

A 57-year-old former teacher who received a settlement offer of R3.9 million, said she was happy with the settlement.

RAF CEO Dr Eugene Watson said he was excited about the progress the organisation is making through its “RAF on the Road” campaign.

“We declared 2013 as our ‘Year to Shine’ and the RAF will continue visiting different communities, urban and rural, to give them the service they deserve. In addition, the organisation will continue compensating victims to ensure that they are re-integrated into society from a health and economic perspective,” he said.


RAF also donated 100 pairs of school shoes to needy children from Mbuqe Exention Senior Primary School.

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