RAF scoops awards despite environmental challenges!

RAF CEO, Dr Eugene Watson, flanked by his executive team and staff, scooped another set of accolades when the Fund was awarded the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) Batho Pele Service Excellence Award in the Best Implemented Programme category last week.

It was also the first runner up at the Avusa Media Recruitment Award for Best Internal Recruitment Team in the Public Sector.

The innovative one-stop-shop ‘RAF on the Road’ flagship campaign topped the category of Best Implemented Programme for 2013/2014 during stiff competition between 180 entrants.

The DPSA Batho Pele Service Excellence Award recognised RAF for implementing eight key principles (Consultation, Service Standards, Access, Courtesy, Information, Openness, Redress and Value for Money).

Meanwhile, the RAF recruitment team was rated second best in the public sector by recruitment heads across Times Media.

This comes hot on the heels of the Fund being awarded the Minister’s Special Award at the inaugural Transport Awards Ceremony, and coming second during the Centre for Public Service Innovation Awards in the category of Innovative Service Delivery Institutions.

According to Dr Watson, “RAF’s efforts to write a new legacy in public service delivery seemed invincible at first but the team is now on the right trajectory.”

The RAF has been plagued by numerous challenges including service delivery problems, access, insufficient funding, a complex legal environment, and capacity.

As the organisation turns over a new leaf by putting people first and espousing the highest standards of professionalism, it is only befitting that the organisation is recognised by both government and the private sector.

“These accolades over and above our second consecutive Auditor General Clean Audit Award are in recognition of sound management and stellar performance,” said Dr Watson.

It is against this background that the RAF continues to support accident victims by creating access, taking services directly to the people, transforming the business and practising Ubuntu by making the lives of claimants much better.

“These awards are a reflection of our collective efforts, contribution and commitment showed by the RAF Board, Executive team and staff,” said Dr Watson.

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