SA celebrated lensman no-more!

South Africa has lost a self taught giant in the media field who still bears the scars of torture and mental scars of continuous detentions by the apartheid security forces.

The African National Congress bows its head in honor of a singularly brave and daring South African who bequeathed our country and future generations historic moments captured in his camera.

‘Bra Alf’ as he was fondly known has been a source of the part of our history that will forever be relived in the images he has amassed in his industrious and illustrious career of capturing and telling our history through the lenses of his camera.

It is partly the work of Alf Khumalo that told telling tales to the world during the rule of apartheid and through his work we were able to give evidence of the brutality of apartheid. ‘Bra Alf’ was amongst those who captured the historic images during 1976 that led to the world condemning apartheid.

The ANC and the people of South Africa are forever indebted to Alf Khumalo for being at their service and striving to expose a system that was inhuman.

The images he captured with accuracy despite the threat that was imminent then remain the footprint of journalism in the highest form.

To his family, kin and the media fraternity, we convey our condolences and share in the loss of a life that was lived to the fullest.

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