SANBI chairperson fired for drunkennes!

This follows news that Sokutu was drunk on duty during the annual Chelsea Flower Show in London, May this year.

This was confirmed by the Minister of Water & Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa’s office.

To rub salt into the wounds, Sokutu was on sabbatical leave-without the permission of the board, the fact that also irked the Minister.

“The Minister would like to thank Mr Sokutu for his excellent leadership as Chairperson for the past 6 years, during which he steered SANBI through some of the most difficult times of change,” read the press statement.

A trained Botanist, ex-Public Servant and a Businessman, Sokutu contributed to the great success that SANBI has achieved in the implementation of its programmes.

Nana Magomola has been appointed the acting-Chairperson while the process of appointment of a new Chairperson is followed.

Sokutu couldn’t be reached for comment.

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