SAPS website hacked, whistle blowers info exposed!

 South Africans, who lodged complaints with police on their website have their contact details: telephone numbers, email addresses and identity numbers exposed to the public.

Also exposed are the usernames and passwords of some 40 SAPS members.

Hackers used the social networking site Twitter to inform the public that they breached police security. This, they said was “for the 34 miners killed during clashes with police in Marikana on August 16 2012”,  eNCA reports.

eNCA.com alerted the police to the security breach, to which spokesperson Phuti Setati responded: “Our site is in order – we have not been hacked. There’s no such – our website is operating normal, we don’t have a problem with our website and they never experienced any problems.”

However, eNCA.com downloaded the list posted online in less than five minutes. After informing Setati of this, his response was: “The SAPS would like to reserve its comment on the matter at the moment.”

Read the full report on eNCA.com



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