Sjava, brand ambassador for well-known sandals brand- Omega

MULTI -platinum selling songwriter and musician Sjava – has announced his collaboration with Omega footwear.

With this collaboration the musician, already a longstanding fan of the iconic Omega sandal, worked closely with the Omega shoe designers to develop a leather shoe range that stays true to the roots of the Omega brand whilst bringing in a youthful, urban flavour to the look and styling of the shoes – without compromising on comfort and the timeless stature of what an Omega shoe is.

According to Sjava, “This new range is really about passing on the style. There’s something for each generation”.

With this collaboration, Omega continues its 50-plus year journey as one of the hallmarks of ukotini in South Africa, transcending generations, genres and trends.

This collaboration is more than just a partnership; it marks the beginning of a new generation for Omega Footwear.

The Omega x Sjava collection promises to blend Omega’s timeless craftsmanship with Sjava’s unique style, offering a fresh take on classic designs.

“I feel like my style has always been a blend of different trends, cultures and eras.

I’m easily able to style a very traditional or cultural piece of clothing in an urban way.

I enjoy fusing elements into my style and, for me, Omega has been a shoe that allows me to versatile – I can wear it however and it’s still hot. It’s modern but at the same time represents the real style of yesterday.

Its urban and rural. It’s just timeless, and I’m excited for more people to discover Omega through this new range,” says Sjava.

The brand’s head designer, Mlindelwa Ndlovu, recently observed that Sjava, a prominent figure in the music industry, is a genuine fan of Omega products.

This sparked a conversation that led to an exciting new partnership.

“In a world filled with influencers and paid partnerships, isn’t it more authentic to work with people who genuinely appreciate and enjoy your product?” said Ndlovu.

“When we realized Sjava’s passion for our footwear, it felt like a natural fit.”

The Sjava x Omega Footwear range will be available to pre-order on 1 July 2024 from  and will be available in-stores on 1 August 2024.

Commented Managing Director, at Omega, Adrian Maree, “Our sandals, once known as the “taxi-man shoe” and a mark of status for the “well-to-do uncle,” have evolved to become a cultural icon, embraced by celebrities and influencers across South Africa.

The organic endorsement by stars like Sjava, Big Zulu, and Young Stunna, who chose Omega for its authenticity, highlights our brand’s deep connection with local culture.”

“Our sandals have become a staple in streetwear culture, allowing the youth to express their individuality and heritage in innovative ways.

This growth underscores the strength of township culture and its impact on fashion, music, and dance, which have uniquely shaped South African identity.”

The value of the deal and how long is it, was unconfirmed at the time of publishing.

Image (Sjava has signed a collab with Omega footwear).

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