Soccer star's woes pile up

Moon is accused of crashing into domestic worker Mavis Ncube while she was on her way to work in June 2009.

On Friday Moon’s lawyer, Naren Sangham, argued that the postponement was a ploy by the state to delay the trial.

“The state wanted the case to proceed only until Thursday. This day cannot be wasted. It is costing a lot of money for the accused to be here. Constitutionally he is entitled to a speedy trial.”

The defence said a number of witnesses had been available the previous day and had been dismissed.

“The state does not want the trial to continue. The case must continue. This is a miscarriage of justice.”

Magistrate Vince Pienaar ruled that the state’s request to wait for the availability of an accident reconstruction expert was valid.

It has been difficult getting a clear idea of exactly what happened the morning Ncube was hit by Moon’s Mercedez-Benz coupe.

The only witness, Thandi Sibanda, was walking with Ncube when the crash happened. She testified earlier this year: “I do not know what happene. We saw a car coming and I ran towards the road.”

Ncube ran in the opposite direction, and was allegedly hit by Moon’s car, which ended up wedged between a tree and a wall.

One of the first people on the scene, Ncube’s employer Nancy Turner, testified that she had seen Moon behind the steering wheel. Three witnesses positively identified Moon as the driver of the car that killed Ncube.

Gregory Turner, who got to the scene after his wife, said the car was completely smashed. He described it as a write-off.

He took pictures with his phone that were used in court as evidence.

Metro police officer Mphumzi Tom agreed with the defence that he did not follow correct procedures on several occasions.

He did not write his statements correctly. He failed to draw a proper sketch of the accident scene and he chose to use Turner’s pictures, instead of the police’s collision unit.

Paramedic Matthew Watermeyer told the court his conclusions were that due to the nature of Ncube’s injuries, the car was travelling at a high speed.

Moon’s lawyer challenged this, saying a collisions expert they had consulted, who will be testifying, said that the injuries could be caused by a car travelling at a slow speed.

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