Sol Plaatjie Mayor booed!

 At the sold-out annual Diamonds & Dorings music festival in Kimberley, the Executive Mayor of Sol Plaatjie Municipality David Molusi also tasted his own medicine by being booed.

 The pint-sized Mayor was invited on stage to cut the celebration of the 20th Years of Democracy gigantic cake but before he could address the throngs of revelers attending the historical fest, he was booed and signs of change were doing rounds on Sunday evening.

 As a result he had to live the stage abruptly before he could toast his champagne glass.

 According to some of the festival-goers I spoke to immediately after the incident, their concerns ranges from poor service delivery, pot-holes to lack of housing infrastructure, amongst others.

 “Have you driven through the City Center and saw how irritating those potholes are? Those are wells not potholes. They’ve f=k our cars and who will foot the bill for the damage?” asked the worried Michael Moremi from Galeshewe.

 “I came here for fun not to be addressed by an incompetent Mayor.”

Karen Wiese, who stays in town said:” The Mayor knows the platform to address us not here. He should count his blessings we did not pelt him with bottles,” she says.

But the Communication Head of the Municipality Sello Matsie, is singing a total different tune.

According to Matsie, who at first alleged he was in a meeting reacted that, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

“Where those people drunk or what?” he asked vehemently.

“I was there and I don’t recall what you’re saying or saw. You’re version is totally opposite to my version. You’re the first journalist to alleged what happened because I was with other reporters and they haven’t reacted to what you say happened,” says Matsie in a harsh tone.

Contrary to what he said earlier, Matsie alluded that, those who booed might be people outside the province because we had revelers as far as KZN and various political parties which were in attendance, he said.

In his admission Matsie said this was the Mayor’s third-term, which in my opinion did not stand water.

“Our people know the right platform to air their dissatisfaction on the question of service delivery,” he continued.

The sorry state of affairs of potholes which are all over the City almost damaged our car as well. 

The Mayor was on stage alongside Minister of Transport Dipou Peters.

Organisers of the Diamonds & Dorings -Botlhale Communications had not responded for comment.


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