The building of a studio in kasie is a step in a right direction- says ambitious, focused Focalistic

TO you and the world, he’s known as Focalistic.

But in Ga-Rankuwa, he’s birthplace Lethabo Sebetso is the official name.

Cool as a cucumber Focalistic, hosted a media junket this week to give post ‘Straata Nation Address’ one man-sold out show held this year at SuperSport Cricket Stadium.

This also coincided with the launch of Jagermeister limited edition bottle, of which he’s a ‘brand ambassador’ for the brand, a relationship that was coined some years’ ago before he made it to the limelight, he told this reporter.

“My relationship with the brand was forged four years ago; and until this day, its still strong as ever. They believe in me, as a brand and also advocate for culture, of which that’s what I do,” said Focalistic, admiring the latest bottle edition with a smile.

Over 15 000 attendant was recorded at this year ‘Straata Nation Address’ one man-show and, would like to add more numbers, also confirming the fest will be back in SA and on global tour next year, after a resounding success.

“I feel very appreciative. To see your dreams come to fruition is always a big blessing. At the same time I am motivated to see how far we can go, because when we started we never imagined it would get us to getting sold-out shows in London, so it makes you wonder how much further you can take it,” he was quoted.

On the concept of Straat lingua (SePitori) he emphasised it’s about accommodating every young kid in Pretoria, and any other, all over mzansi, to believe in them and what they stand for.

“When we take it back home to Pretoria, we are making sure that the kids feel inspired and the inspiration is tangible. My music is a way of stretching out to my fans to motivate them. I want more people to be inspired and want to change more people’s lives through my music.”

“Its about gravitating towards what you’re comfortable with and believing, just like Jager believed in me. Its reciprocating.”

Because of huge ROI’s- the brand will build a studio in his township, soon, to thank locals for having produced this award winning rapper, whom besides music and being a globetrotter, under his belt on the academic front, boast a Political Science degree.

Yes, talk of brains…not just motho wastraata– yes, pun intended.

The studio would help cross-pollinate his following and build a bigger fan base, for everyone.

Having dubbed himself “President ya Straata” -loosely translated “The streets’ President”- says: “Many of us artists were first introduced to hip-hop on TV, by other international stars. Amapiano came and saved us. This is our canvas as something that we relate to. So being able to do it, and do it at the highest level, is a blessing on its own.

“On a quest of finding our voice, amapiano has become a Southern African phenomenon. Amapiano has made it more comfortable to say things in my own voice. I’ve been able to morphinto my true self,” says the “Ke Star and Gupta” hitmaker, in his designer sunglasses and pink tracksuits.

Why fashion- “I come from a family of labels, and this grew out to folks in my location who always looked dapper and on-point. I must represent,” he said with a chuckle, noting the Boks should be awarded the Order of Ikhamanga (highest award by President) for their tenacity and bravery at the World Cup, when asked what his opinion on the team is.  

On a serious note though- Lethabo, pointed out since he studied Politics, the unfortunate killings and bombings between Palestine and Israelites should come to an end, as innocent lives are at the receiving end.

“Politics should be about disagreeing to agree- but unfortunately what is happening now affects everyone, including SA. Its disheartening seeing bodies of kids and old people lying shamelessly on the ground. Both must cease fire and go back to the tables.”

Talk of fan base, he did not commit to respond on whether he’s dating fellow musician and Pretoria born Papi Cooper, who also attended the launch.

Top image (Focalistic standing ‘taller’ at the Jagermister limited edition bottle launch in Centurion this week).

Image (SLM news editor Sydney Morweng and Focalistic during interview at the media junket).

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