‘The Journo’ who after 12 years only realised his childhood dream NOW!

But in true sense Andile Mathobela is and a ‘journalist’ who has followed his heart after 12 odd years.

He only realised his childhood dream of being a fully-fledged DJ after 12 years in ‘hiatus’ from Warrenton- Northern Cape, only after uncharacteristically landing in Jozi-Maboneng, to learn the hard ropes and what it has to offer, unrelentingly.

Yes, the City that turns one into a gem -but at the same can kill you the real death…

In October his year, he unleashed his latest Oceans in collaboration with vocalist Garth Brown of Inhliziyo Yami fame and co-producer Shi_Cargo.

The single is the first official public offering and is the predecessor for the EP, which is set to be released by March next year. However he has been releasing unofficial mixtapes on music streaming sites, just for cultural purposes.

“My initial reason for moving to Johannesburg was to become a DJ. I got here and immediately realised that I wanted to have a solid foundation first. I studied and went into business since. I feel like everything requires appropriate timing to be a success, I feel like it’s time to follow my passion and share my artistic abilities with the music loving nation,” he says.

Andile or known by his moniker ‘The Journalist’ is part of the underground DJ movement made up of Johannesburg club DJs labelled Live On Tour, whereby they host gigs all over the country.

For the uninitiated Andile is a media analyst, businessman and an editor at an online publication that focuses on lifestyle & entertainment.

The (32) developed an ear for music at an early age.

When he finished matric in 2005, Andile was inspired to become a journalist after volunteering to be a presenter at a community radio station and later went on to study media and journalism at the Rosebank College in Pretoria.

His introduction to house music had him obsessed with memorising and reciting complex beats to his friends in primary school after listening to some of his uncle’s house music compilations back in the early 2000s. 

Although, deep house and EDM music were the least favourite in his community at the time, he believed his passion for contributing to the House scene would one day turn into a reality.

An introvert by nature, The Journalist enjoys spending his time indoors and honing his music skills.

The tag ‘Jimmy come to Jozi’ has turned into fruition after 12 years- who said it’s not achievable?

The song is available for streaming and download on all digital stores and link:

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