The Nissan (Impendulo) is back!

Dudu Mwelase, GM Corporate Communications Manager at Nissan SA, shares her thoughts on the re-introduction of one of the iconic brands (Nissan Impendulo) in SA.

SowetoLife Magazine Online: What made Nissan to re-introduce this brand?

Dudu Mwelase: Nissan launched Power 88 which focuses on achieving 8% Global market share by FY16 and 8% Consolidated Operating Profit by FY16. Key pillars established to achieve Power 88 include Business expansion, Sales Power and Brand Power.

The introduction of the Nissan NV350 Taxi will:

* Contribute to business expansion through increased volume opportunity
* Enhance brand power amongst the black emerging market
* Attract new customers to the Nissan brand with added spin-off to the
rest of the range
* Allow Nissan to enter the market with a product that is suited to
customer needs.

Over 220,000 taxis operate on our roads today, transporting over 4, 5 million people per day. The minibus segment contributed 9% to the Total LCV market in 2013, accounting for an average of over 1,000 units per month in 2013; the taxi industry presents immense opportunity for Nissan S.A.

SLM: What will be different?

DM: The Nissan NV350 taxi offers exceptional fuel economy, bold and refreshing styling and a smart convenient cabin for the driver. In addition, 15,000 km service intervals, the Nissan designed DataDoT anti-theft identification system and immobilizer is standard.

Together with a full PVC carpet throughout the vehicle and rear room lamp makes the NV350 not only easy to clean but also to handle money at night.

SLM: How many will be available as from March?

DM: In terms of sales, our intention is to sell around 300 units of the Nissan NV350 Impendulo taxi per month.

SLM: As part of Government recapitalisation programme what will Nissan attest this to, with the introduction of Impendulo?

DM: To finally bring Impendulo to market is thrilling; the entire experience embodies our ‘Innovation that Excites’ ethos.

The Impendulo is designed for South Africans and has been specifically tailored for use by commuters and operators alike. It is also developed to comply with the market’s world-leading taxi industry regulations.

A product development team was flown to Japan during the planning phase to ensure the model not only meets Taxi Recapitalisation Programme legislation and safety regulations but also overall market suitability.

The NV350 Impendulo will be available exclusively in white as part of the taxi industry regulations.

Price: Nissan NV350 Impendulo: R306 900

Included: Three-year or 100 000km warranty.


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