Tourism month celebrations kicks-off!!

Tourism Month, which takes place annually in September, will see various tourism agencies and national tourism department launching their respective Provincial events under the theme “Tourism & Sustainable Energy: Powering Sustainable Development.

The national tourism celebrations take place on September 27 in the Eastern Cape, which is the host province for World Tourism Day celebrations in South Africa.

The purpose of domestic tourism is to conscientious the public to travel, learn and know what their country has to offer.

From Mpumalanga were the Sun Rises to Free State, to North West to Limpopo from Eastern Cape(host province for this year’s event) to Northern Cape. From Gauteng to Western Cape and finally SA’s favourite playground KwaZulu-Natal.

Due to domestic travelling the GDP of the country has increased from 26% 31% within a very short period, and according to the National Tourism Department this could soar if, tourists spend their YENS & DOLLARS by increasing their days in least visited Provinces, rather than in “usual suspects’ areas”.

South Africa, due to the successful hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup is still cashing on the increasing number of international tourists and the reputation it has created towards visitors, who regard our shores as peaceful and democratic.

Conversely, this has created the impression and belief that SA is the gate-way to Africa and the world, et al…

The investments opportunity created as a result of other businesses, sporting events, conferences and others, has doubled the per capita of the country’s economy which means more opportunities within hospitality, manufacturing, and trade industries.

What we expect after the tourism events from other provinces is more visibility, marketing and promotions, cohesive and prudent tourism strategies, etc…

The old tired cliches that “we’re understaffed and operating on limited budget” should not apply asseblief!



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