Tyre recycling programme making inroads despite minor glitches!

REDISA- the Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa; is a nonprofit organization that recently conducted a research amongst industry players to get their input on their intended roll-out plan, amongst others.

It was done by a respected research organization GfK, using a five minute CATI survey. It found that:
90 Subscribers (Tyre Manufacturers and Importers)
200 Dealerships currently serviced
200 Dealerships currently un-serviced

Key findings are as follows:

* 96% consider Waste Tyre Management in SA to be important

* 49% of industry believes the Waste Management Fee is going to good use

* Those who question where the fee is going, is being driven by un-serviced dealers

* 61% believe that the work REDISA does is valued by the tyre industry (with 24% disagreeing)

* 58% said that REDISA is making a positive impact in the industry (with 26% disagreeing)

* The industry is generally positive about the work and impact REDISA are making in the industry, however this is primarily driven by serviced dealerships – un-serviced dealerships and subscribers are slightly more skeptical

* Confidence in delivery of the 5 year roll out plan is generally low across all industry players, particularly among subscribers and un-serviced dealerships

* In addition to eventual nationwide coverage, regular servicing is a focus area.

Stacey Davidson, director at REDISA commented: “In a little over a year, REDISA has achieved a number of key milestones, however this doesn’t mean that we will not continue to push all boundaries in terms of what is expected from us.

We appreciate the time and effort by industry to participate in this survey, and have found the results very informative.

As with any new business or industry development, teething problems are to be expected. We have worked through a number of both expected and unexpected challenges this year, and look forward to continuing to work together with industry to ensure that the five year rollout of the REDISA Plan moves from strength to strength.”

Some of our readers concur that, they might not have heard much about the depots and all that, but promised to seek more information on REDISA and what is seeks to achieve.

The organizations achievements indicate that from 1 December 2013 end of October 2014;

* 61 897 tonnes of waste tyres have been collected from December 2013 to October 2014 
* 1532 jobs have been created 
* 26 Depots are operational nationally 
* 149 SMME transporter operations are collecting tyres as per the REDISA Plan and rollout 
* REDISA is currently collecting from 1 453 dealers countrywide.

REDISA also welcomes feedback from the industry via complaints hotline

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