Upcoming female DJ a threat to opposite sex!

Well, let’s say making strides in what is predominantly males industry such smear campaigns are bound to hit the fan.

But the adamant “Divalash” ain’t backing down either. She’s fighting her cause behind the decks!

Apparently, after making all her male competitors eat the humble pie during the RedSquare Knock-Out Challenge at some club in Tshwane -boys being boys- bandied suggestions that she’s was a man pulling a stunt by acting like a woman just so she gains favour with the judges. Ouch…

 In setting the record straight she declared:” I am a woman. I did not make it through to the next round of the KnockOut Challenge because I am a female. I gave my all and bowled the judges over with my deejaying skills while impressing the crowd with my performance.

 I don’t want to be defined by my sexuality or the background that I come from. I do not need to be a victim of sexism. I am gifted with a talent from God,” says the straight-talking “Divalash”.

 Since the inception of the challenge four’s ago, she’s been attempting her luck with no success.

Now that it has been male dominated since 1997, the “Divalash” plans to demystify the myth that ladies can’t make it to the finals. She proceeded to the semis.

According to the organizers, more than ten thousand entries were received for this year’s competition that is growing fast with each year that passes.

Victor Selaelo, marketing manager for RedSquare says: “We are seeing a lot of good talent in the competition this year and to us that is what is important. It does not matter whether the talented person is a male or female.

We want the best dj to win fair and square and believe that our judges are doing the best they can to recognize the most deserving talent irrespective of gender or orientation.”

Although no age was given, “Divalash” looks young, feisty and exudes passion and boys are having none of it.

At stake is R100 000 cash and deejaying equipment to the value of R120 000. Ahem!

The RedSquare DJ KnockOut Challenge 2013 finals take place on December 16 at Giant Stadium in Mabopane.

Performing at the finals will be Glen Lewis, Vetkoek vs Mahoota, Amon Mokoena and Mlu. Admission is R40 per person. Gates open at noon.

Boys, the diva has arrived get used to it…

For more info go to: www.djknockoutchallenge.co.za




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