White Star 2-minute cooks-off Kelly Khumalo!

The petite and soft-speaking Makhothi was speaking at the annual 2 Minute Star Quick Celebrity Cook-Off in Sun City, Rustenburg, where media and celebrities (Tsholofelo Monedi, Zizo Beda, Pallance Dladla, Lucia Mthiyane, Zenande Mfenyane, Mandla Gaduka, Kelly Khumalo and Proverb) took each other head-on to see who the best cook is.

Ahem, with makeshift kitchens and the soaring heat the order of the day, pots were bound to burn!

The purpose of the Cook-Off is to encourage the public to familiarize themselves with the brand and most importantly, to use the latest 2-minute maize meal currently in the market.  

“There are so many ways in which to prepare maize meal and we wanted to demonstrate to the invited celebrities, professional chefs and guests that with our new product – White Star Quick – it is now even easier to turn White Star into a meal that suits their lifestyle,” continued Makhothi.

From a traditional pap dish to a gourmet meal, White Star Quick can be whipped up in just 2 minutes and still promises the great taste and quality you have come to expect from White Star.

At the Cook- Off, the competitors were divided into teams, each with a professional chef and allocated a cooking station –not a makeshift kitchen- where they were provided with a mystery basket containing the ingredients which had to be used to prepare a three course meal.

For two hours, the resort visitors could feel the heat as guests cooked up a storm, trying to impress the judges with their skills. White Star Quick had to be included in every dish, even the dessert. Aha!

Last year’s winner Kelly Khumalo and team were ‘out-cooked’ by TV presenters’ team of Akhumzi, Musa and 7 De Laan actor Francois Lesley to claim 2013 victooory!

White Star brand Ambassador and actress Lucia Mthiyane, says the contest is not about who finishes fast but rather how to prepare your food diligently and also get the message across to the public what the brand stands for.

Generations’ star Mandla Gaduka aka ‘Choppa’ who was bucket sweating says he enjoyed the challenge because he’s a cook naturally.  

Eish, (un)fortunately no food was burnt cos some of the bloody geysers ran out. Stru…

“We are in talks to grow this challenge by taking it to some of our properties throughout the country,” says an impeccable source at Sun International.

White Star brand has made inroads in townships and villages thus the market share has increased exponentially. As a result it is involved in various sponsorships.   

To appease the losers and hangers-on the popular joint ‘Shebeen’ hosted the after-party until wee hours of the following morning resplendent by beer crates and quarts (ngodus) flowing. 

Yes, Glen Lewis was nowhere near the decks as was expected…


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