Worldwide Eye a trailblazer for KIDDO CSA

KIDDO CSA flew to London to create music with musicians from all over the world.

Top of his mind was immersing himself in a space where he would collaborate with artists who were just as passionate about making music as he was. For two weeks the young rapper experienced just what it’s like to tap into a different frequency and have no inhibitions. 

When he returned fromLondon, the rapper had recorded several demos which had major potential, making the track-listing an almost impossible task. In the end, Kiddo decided on five eclectic tracks that pushed the vibe he was going for: 

 “I was aiming for a new sound… [the EP] is five chances to give people different genres so that if people don’t really like the one song, they’ll love the other one. If someone is in a specific mood they’ll go for one song or they want a different vibe there’s a song for them. With the sound I made sure that I cater to everyone and be as diverse as possible.’

Though the project is experimental, seen as he ventures into Afro-inspired and Hip-Hop realms, the tracks make the Worldwide Eye feel cohesive and thought-out. The opening track, Breath, produced by Dominant One, sounds like a space odyssey. 

Kiddo takes listeners on a trip from the East of Johannesburgto the top of the world, where his wildest dreams are. The next track, ‘Window’ featuring UK singer-songwriter Moniquè Lawz and produced by Indian producer Karan Kanchan, is high trap energy and served as the EP’s prelude earlier this year.

The song has been a fan favorite reaching #1 on 5FM’s 5 NIGHTS HIP-HOPCHART for four consecutive weeks.

The third track on the EP ‘You’re Mine’, also with Lawz and Kanchan, is the EP’s second single. The tune is perhaps the epitome of Kiddo’s quest at exploring new sounds.

‘You’re Mine’ opens with a traditional Indian melody and pattern which serve as its pulse underneath an R&B melody. Kiddo and Lawz thrive over the beat, swaying through verse and chorus.

‘Miss Me’, produced by XOVOX is Kiddo’s take on 2000s Afropop / Afrobeats nostalgia as he raps about love and Hip-Hop.

Closing off the electric project is ’11 Hours to London’ where the rapper reflects on his life and his ambition over smooth keys and synths. 

Worldwide Eye asserts Kiddo as an artist who feels and creates music that reflects just that. His musical ear keeps expanding with each project he puts out.

While he is intentional about his artistry and approach, he still understands melody, tonality, and cadence – all of which get the fans turned up. 

“My experience recording in London was great. Getting to learn how people from all over the world do music was really interesting.

It taught me a lot and broadened my experiences with music and how to tap into other ways to make music. Working with Moniquè was insane.

I think I was intrigued – learning how she does stuff and the melodies she comes up with, was really dope. The producers as well, hearing sounds I’ve never heard before was intriguing. I would wake up every day looking forward to locking in with different producers.”

“I want people to understand and appreciate everything it took to create this project – the different cultures and musical creativity, the sounds. There are so many things wrapped in this one project and I want people to connect with that.” 

Image supplied ( KIDDO CSA explores London and releases an EP as a result).

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