Zuma throws down the gauntlet- ‘I will not appear before the Commission’

This follows the announcement that he will NOT appear before the State Commission as ordered by the ConCourt.

Zuma was expected to appear before the commission on February 15.

According to statement released on Monday, Zuma he is irked by the commission deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo about the manner in which he handled the appliication for Zondo to recuse himself.

He said Zondo was “frugal and expedient” with the truth in how he contextualised and defined the nature of relationship that he had with Zuma.

“It is clear that the laws of the country are politicised even at the highest court in the land. Recently at the state capture commission, allegations made against the judiciary have been overlooked and suppressed by the chairperson himself. It is also patently clear to me that I am being singled out for different and special treatment by the judiciary and the legal system as a whole. I therefore state in advance that the commission into allegations of state capture can expect no further co-operation from me in any of their processes going forward,” Zuma said.

“If this stance is considered to be a violation of their law, then let their law take its course,” he said.

Zuma has thrown down the gauntlet and this will be in contempt of court.

“I do not fear being arrested, I do not fear being convicted nor do I fear being incarcerated,” he said.

The Constitutional Court said no-one is above the law. The court also declared that Zuma does not have the right to remain silent before the commission, but witnesses do have the privilege against self-incrimination.

This was also exacerbated by unconfirmed reports that former Pres could be jetting off to Russia for medical reasons, a stance denied by his Foundation.

What’s next for Zuma still baffles me but whoever is advising him, is going astray.

Image (Former President JG Zuma defies the same laws he promised to up-hold).

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