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David Guetta plagiarism allegations by SA artist rages on

ALL I wanted is to be acknowledged says South African musician as plagiarism case against world’s top DJ goes on.

David Guetta plagiarism allegations by SA artist rages on

Following allegations levelled against French DJ David Guetta, all Daniel Baron wants is recognition for his 2016 hit single ‘Children Of The Sun.

Guetta’s new collaboration with Sia, ‘Light Headed’, which appears on the DJ’s latest album ‘7’ has the same striking similaraties.

The album was released in September 2018 and subsequently peaked at number 37 on the Billboard 200 chart. 

This was also confirmed by top South African musical professor Jean Zeidel-Rudolf to conduct a musicologist report which analyses the two tracks and has subsequently ruled that plagiarism is clear.

Daniel’s legal team, led by Stephen Hollis of Adams & Adams, has made initial contact with Guetta regarding the copyright infringement.

However, the musician confirms that there still hasn’t been a response from the DJ or his team.

Guetta’s local publisher, Geoff Paynter Music Publishing, confirmed that a letter of demand was sent to David Guetta last year. “We confirm we received a letter of demand in December 2018 which was immediately forwarded to our sub-publisher principles. They confirmed that they, in turn, forwarded the correspondence to their publisher principles,” Geoff Paynter said in a statement.

Daniel adds that while it’s difficult for him to see one of his idols use his body of work without permission, it says a lot for the quality of South African music today.

“South African music is making the world sit up and listen,” Daniel says. “While it hurts seeing someone copy something you put your blood, sweat and tears into without making contact and sampling it legally, it’s incredible to see that massive international acts are inspired by local music – and that’s a real honour.”

Guetta is a very close friend of SA’s globetrotter DJ Black Coffee.

This is a developing story.

Image (French DJ David Guetta has not responded to allegations of plagiarism made by SA artist).

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