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Elections' Manifesto and January 8 Statement to feature in ANC's playlist!

The African National Congress (ANC) is set to unveil its election Manifesto for the 2014 elections as it delivers its January 8 Statement in Mbombela, Mpumalanga this week.

Buoyed by an increase in the matric results pass rate, the ruling party is likely to emphasise its achievements of the past twenty years since democracy began.

President Jacob Zuma will unveil the manifesto on Friday and deliver the annual address at a rally on Saturday. Mbombela, will play host to one of the ANC’s most important events in the party’s history.

The ruling party is not only celebrating 102 years of existence, it will also launch its 2014 election manifesto.

Aware of challenges and criticism from various quarters the party says it’s done its ground work to respond to the needs of the people.

“Our manifesto speaks to the needs of our people in terms of poverty and education. We have heard from them through those manifesto forums. The President will outline it on Friday,” says ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu.

Analysts agree that people’s concerns are a priority.

“Foremost in the minds of the National Executive Committee (NEC) is to prepare for the January 8 Statement and how it would be crafted to take into account the concerns of the alliance as it needs its machinery to contest elections,” says political analyst, Dr Somadoda Fikeni.

The party also looks set to trumpet its successes of the past four and half years of the current administration and twenty years will feature prominently.

“The party will reflect on the achievements, from their priority areas, health and infrastructure development have stood out,” says polititcal analyst, Lesiba Tefo.

To mark the 102 years of existence, the NEC led by its top six have been criss-crossing Mpumalanga to mobilise support for the party.

President Zuma is expected to announce the election date within weeks.

In the past four elections, the ANC has been enjoying over 60% of the electoral support. Observers will watch closely if the party will repeat the feat as more players have entered the electoral field.

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