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Enjoy your cold Castle Lite beer without worrying about ice- thanks to Cold (un)Lock

WILL THEY ever scale down on their innovative marketing concepts, me thinks not anytime soon.

Enjoy your cold Castle Lite beer without worrying about ice- thanks to Cold (un)Lock

Yes, yours truly is referring to the latest Catle Lite- Cold Lock- a game changer! A worlds’ first…

This new innovation is to keep your beer cold for over 3-hours-without worrying about ice or replenish the drinks.

Set to completely reshape the consumer’s drinking occasion and experiences, the 16X500ml can capacity Cold Lock represents a new era in the brand’s long history of paradigm-shifting innovations.

Fans of the brand will be familiar with the 2-Stage Cold Indicator which was introduced in 2013 that let you know when your beer is cold, the Ice Core cooler in 2014, a Quick Chill Innovation which when added to ice cooled your beer quicker, and the first-ever re-sealable 910ml returnable pack in 2018.

According to Castle Lite, this is lab-tested and is a secondary packaging in Africa that keeps beer extra cold for three hours with no ice and after being pre-refrigerated.

Enter 2019 and voila new concept is born! Will they ever stop or whoever is directing their marketing concepts is indeed quenching a cold one, stru!

With Spring only hours/days the luckiest or rather earliest party-goer will show off his/her newly package to peers be it at a picnic, jazz by the lake, a braai with friends in your back yard, a journey to your hometown to catch up with loved ones, or your choice from a plethora of parties catching up with friends.

It has a firm handle that makes it easy to carry- way until the wee hours of the following day.

A fellow colleague and political reporter who works for a daily newspaper would cherish this new concept – since him, a cold beer and designer sandals are never apart. Lol…

Cold Lock is now available across mzansi for R199.99.


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