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Its 'rampaging' time!

 It is shot with the backdrop of New Zealand’s breath-taking landscapes, stunning scenery and its incredible coastline.

With the exciting and heart-stopping challenges to conquer along the way, the teams journey from Auckland on the North Island all the way to Queenstown on the South.

 Teams consist of couples selected all over the world.

 South Africa is represented by Deanna Grace Benoni and Byron from (Toti) in KZN.

 To qualify the couples had to go through strenuous training. They also had to represent different territories, a certain level of fitness and driving abilities, amongst others.

It is presented by Amanda Byram and Henry Cole, both well endowed with extensive travelling experience internationally.

At the media screen last week, the teams were taken through rigorous tests. Bucket-sweating, fatigue, anxiety and rampage, were the order of the day!

Yes, it ain’t child’s play after-all- albeit it has the element of FUN…

RV Rampage on (Travel Channel) premiered on Monday at 9pm on and will air every weekday until Friday, June 6.


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