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In fact Hilson did not make it to the show owing to flight delays, according to the organisers and our reliable sources whom we got the news from.We apologise for the inconvenience caused.Editor!  No, I’m not in some dreamland sojourn. The loveable Hilton has been confirmed as the replacement for R. Kelly for the much awaited Nelson Mandela Sport and Culture Day, scheduled for FNB Stadium on August 17. Although the Department of Arts& Culture spokesperson Mack Lewele would not confirm nor deny the latest breaking news, we have it on good authority the loveable Hilton is making her way to SA. Hilson replaces R. Kelly who was initially scheduled to perform but due to dishonesty from the promoters in SA, Kelly decided he won’t be ‘hijacked’ by unscrupulous and faceless promoters. The songstress will share the stage with Salif Keita, Mafikozolo, Yvonee Chaka Chaka, Black Coffee and others. She lands in SA tomorrow evening and heads direct to the show and jets-off back on Monday. Yesterday at the Nelson Mandela Sport and Culture Day media briefing at FNB Stadium, Sport Minister Fikile Mbalula said some people wanted to get rich “in a split of a second” by lying to the department. “This was a scheme by people who wanted to get rich quickly.” “I do not think R Kelly would have shunned performing for Madiba … but he will not be here. The show will continue with the rest of the line-up,” he said.”  

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