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Tanqueray-Gin comes fitted with a sucker-punch!

Siyanda Mqulwana Reserve brand Ambassador at Brandhouse, and his colleagues hosted the Secret Tanqueray Gardens - Secret Party in Sandton last week.

Tanqueray-Gin comes fitted with a sucker-punch!

The chic venue was a gigantic crib or an Estate -depending on your taste- that depicted typical secret gardens. Yes, remember that song. Yep that one…

tanquray 2

Turning up. Siyanda Mqulwana Reserve brand Ambassador at Brandhouse and barmen posed for camera at the Tanqueray Secret Party last week in Sandton.

I was reliably told the owner does not even reside there. Bloody agent!

As the Tanqueray-Gin flowed invited and very exclusive guests sipped in various combinations on how to prepare your own drink using Tanqueray.

On offer was Tanqueray No 10 and London Dry Gin, that could be mixed in tonic, gin & ice, bittersweet symphony (it didn’t go down well with my colleague) or have it on the rocks!

tanquray 1

Living the high life.

Albeit, was not in company of my better half-hope she’s not reading this- I prepared my own drink, although one must point out that by the time we had to knock off to cover the Comedy Show at Montecasino, I was rather OK. But I’m glad we did not attempt to speak any Russian et al…

According to Siya, as he’s preferably celebrated amongst his peers the purpose is to host exclusive Gardens Party to guests and learn more about the product rather than just imbibing it.

With changes being effected at Brandhouse, the Tanqueray Gin will, and shall, continue to be an exclusive brand.

“This is an exclusive brand that requires high end people.
“We shall be hosting more secret parties as we enter the phase of Spring,” assured the dreadlocked Siya, sipping his personal made drink.

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