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Knives are out, blood is on the floor- as Zuma face possible jail term

MR JACOB Zuma could face imprisonment or fine for Court contempt, says deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo.

Knives are out, blood is on the floor- as Zuma face possible jail term

He delivered the scathing order today, following the non-appearance of Zuma at the State Capture inquiry, in Braamfontein.

According to Zuma’s lawyers they indicated he would not appear before Zondo Commission, following an eleventh-hour letter (two pages) submitted to the Commission.

The DCJ says as the Commission they will approach the Constitutional Court, to impose imprisonment or a fine against Mr Zuma.

The Commission’s head of legal Paul Pretorius said it lacked all substance in law. Pretorius said the summons served on Zuma could only be set aside by a court and that he could not choose whether to appear or not. 

 “If the summons was irregular, the law obliged him to approach a court and ask that it be set aside on the basis that it was irregular. You can’t ignore a summons because it was irregular,” said Zondo. 

In February, Zuma said he would not appear and that he regarded the Constitutional Court’s judgment as “their law” and not applicable to him.   

Pretorius said Zuma’s non-appearance was illegal and that he should have appeared before the commission to express his opinion.  “Any valid reasons do not justify the failure to appear today,” said Pretorius, who said that at least 40 witnesses had implicated Zuma in instances of State Capture in the three years in which the commission has sat. 

Zuma famously reiterated he’s ‘not afraid to be jailed”.

“In my over 20 years or so, as a Judge, I’ve never been told by litigants or those appearing before me to recuse myself. Only Mr Zuma has,” says DJC in a very emotional address.

Asked on how JG Zuma reacted on today’s outcome, the Son of Zuma, Edward said for now its not an issue for him, before confirming repeatedly that they will kill for Zuma if they want to jail him.

 “They will have to go past us before getting their hands on Mr Zuma,” emphasised Edward.

Posed to him what precedence he’s setting to the law and Constitution, Edward said he’s setting a right direction that you must die for what you believe in, he said, outside Zuma’s residency in Nkandla that is guarded by disgruntled members of the MKVA.

On their presence and stance Edward said, he would not comment on the how and the duration of the MKVA to be stationed outside the residency, insisting as MKVA they will provide commentary.

Zuma’s non-appearance means he’s above the law and undermines the very same Constitution, he took an oath, when he was a President.

This unfortunate saga continues to wedge dis-unity in the ANC and affects lesser mortals in the country.

Knives are out, and blood will be spattered on the floor, as Zuma faces possible jail term.

As mentioned in my previous coverage on this matter- Mr Zuma is being misled once again- finish & klaar!

Image (In contempt of Court. Former Pres JG Zuma will have to face jail term if ConCourt decides otherwise says DJC Raymond Zondo).

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