So called ‘Blessers’ responsible for such startling revelations!

Aaron Motsoaledi
Having sleepless nights. Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, minister of Health says SA records 5000 infections a week, he told Parliament.

Blesser is someone who sleeps with young girls without using protection and offers money and spoils them at top clubs in return.

Some of the girls use their poor family upbringing as an excuse to fall prey to these Blessers but another scenario is there are those who come from well to do families but still prefer to be ‘Blessed’.

Recently news broke that a young and beautiful varsity student is dating an old businessman from Pretoria, resulting in her bunking classes.

The mother of this young lady does not approve of the relationship because she does everything for her and bought her top of the range car but that was not enough, according to the young lady

This is or could be classified as Sugar-Daddies that is prevalent is in our black communities, unfortunately.

“When it comes to the area of socio-behavioural interventions, it is an uphill battle, especially in the age group 15-24 year old girls and young women,” Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi told parliament.

Interventions in South Africa, which has the world’s largest HIV and Aids treatment programme, has seen Aids deaths decline to 140,000 in 2014 from 320,000 in 2010, he said.

The number of mother-to-child transmission of HIV has fallen significantly to less than 7,000 babies in 2015 from 70,000 babies in 2004, Motsoaledi said.

The unfortunate and heart-wrenching fact is that such acts only take place amongst black communities.

As yet it has not been substantiated if ladies are also Blessers but Sugar–Mamas do exist.


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