ACSA ready to take-on the African Continent!

ACSA, is in talks with other African States as part of its expansion rogramme and increase footprint going forward to solidify its brand awareness.

 “Targeting North Africa such as Ghana, DRC, Nigeria and Benin, through our South African Government intervention’s bilateral talks with those countries, this would help our course to reach our mandate.”

 The question of safety, skills and human resource for ACSA staff in those States is of paramount chief, she said.

 “Yes, we’re aware some African countries are not business-conscious in terms of investment but as ACSA we feel Africa deserves better opportunities.

Having said that, we took the conscience decision to tread where others would not dare-to capacitate and rehabilitate their airports. Security is always a concern and we’re mindful of our staff when taking such decisions.”

She was talking exclusively to Sowetolife Magazine Online at the 2014 Tourism Indaba in Durban, of which ACSA has been a prominent feature.

Why Indaba, I ask poignantly? “Indaba talks our language since it brings other African States under one roof. This gives us the opportunity to market and introduce our brand to the Continent as aggressively as we would like to,” says Batyashe-Fillis.

Having to borrow R17bn in 2006 to 2010 which was used to rehabilitate airports, pre and post 2010 World Cup, the State Owned Enterprise (SOE) still has to pay back the money, although no commitment was stated.

According to Batyashe-Fillis, they’re a private company thus subject to public scrutiny.

This year they made a record breaking R800m from a loss making R200m in 2013.

The multibillion ACSA which celebrated its 20th year last year, will announce their financial-year end next year.

It has created almost 300 000 direct and indirect jobs thus far.

Going forward as part of BRICS, ACSA will expand wings to Asia, India, Sao Paolo (Brazil)-as part of Brazil hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup next month.

She says wittingly:” We want to take our ‘people to the moon and back’”, referring to the kind of strides the company has made on the Continent.

Challenges ACSA face ranges from struggling airlines, route development and non-investment, amongst others.

But we hope our intervention would be visible to quell such problems, says former SABC news reporter self-assuredly.

“Three of our top airports are in the top 30 in the top 100 globally and this shows we’re meeting our mandate,” quips Batyashe-Fillis.



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