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Affable photojournalist is no more!

Bafana Mahlangu is no more.

Affable photojournalist is no more!

Affable, smooth talking and hardworking Bafana has passed on although no details on his death have been mentioned.


No more. Bafana Mahlangu, we shall miss that warm smile. Rest in Peace, rara!

I came to meet the photo-lensman through friends Amos Mananyetso and Norman Masungwini, both news editors of Sunday World and Sunday Sun, respectively.

The lad from Bekkersdal, had joined Sunday World from Sowetan when we began meeting and growing to befriend each other.
My last encounter with him was at the 2015 Sansui Summer Cup horserace in Joburg, in the company of people I had become with but both unaware until we all met.

“Tlaa o meet baeng” he would retort in Setswana–come and meet some guests.

My fond memory was when I introduced him to the father of a 12 year old sensational drummer boy Danny “Danno” Petersen, for a possible interview.

Without a blink, the boy’s face was all over Sunday World the following week after the introduction.

That was a kind of hard-worker Sunday World has lost.

Rest in Peace rara. Robadiwang baga Mahlangu.


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