Africa Cup of Nations LOC CE Mvuzo Mbebe has been diagnosed with cancer!

Mbebe said: “through surgery, doctors have managed to remove the part of the colon containing the cancer as well as the maringal area close to the cancer and the surgery was declared successful.

So far the doctors have not detected any cancerous cells outside of the ones that have been identified and removed. I will be coming to work in the next week or so and will begin chemotherapy once a month for 5 days and for the next 6 months. I want to thank my medical team and the hospital for the excellent and professional medical care they afforded to me as well as everyone who prayed for me and the best wishes they extended to me and my family during this difficult period”.

Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana, the Chairperson of the LOC Board said: “on behalf of the LOC Board, management and staff as well as the entire sport fraternity we wish Mr. Mbebe a speedy recovery.”

We are quite confident that after the successful operation he will soon return to work to help the organization plan for CHAN taking place in January 2014.”

Zikie Molusi, who was part of the marketing team at AFCON said he wished him speed recovery.

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