Africa's largest student expo!

It offers potential students and decision makers a 360 degree view of student life, covering the most important aspects of student life by bringing together key organisations within the tertiary, financial, transportation, accommodation, skills development and training arena.

The Student Expo is a platform for undecided High school kids to find out where their careers can do to, and what career and study choices they have.

These expo’s will take place between February and August in most city’s including Cape Town at the Tygervalley Shopping Centre and Blue Route Mall, Johannesburg at Nicolway Bryanston, Pretoria at the Brooklyn Mall and East London at Vincent Park.

The Student Expo was originally designed to solve problems and essentially help to make student’s life experience one to remember with minimal issues.

Scholars preparing to begin their journey into tertiary education will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of what student life entails and gain insight into social and sporting clubs.

They will be able to secure student loans, transport and accommodation. There will be opportunities for school leavers to gain a profound understanding of what exactly university life entails. They are able to explore options presented by a range of universities and learn how to secure loans, transportation options and manage their finances whilst living out of home.

This all helps to reduce stress levels.

Students have the opportunity to view presentations by tertiary institutions and meet a wide range of universities, in order to gain insight to help them understand programmes. There will also be Psychometric testing is done, so that the kids find out what careers suit best there personality.

This essentially helps them in making the correct decisions and understand what would be expected of them in each profession through discussions, presentations and information from specialist.

There will also be developers advertising their accommodation options. Banks will present various student friendly account options and student loans options.

Existing students will be provided with advice for future careers and help with finding work overseas. Student friendly deals in transportation will also be presented, including car hire and shuttle services.

Information about student cards will be given, this helps the parents to understand how their money is being spent. Hobbies and clubs will also present themselves to help students become involved in extra murals and sporting teams.

Graduates can explore career opportunities both locally and internationally as well as get advice on putting together a professional CV and learning interview skills.

Whether you are a Scholar, University student, parent or even corporate company – there is something for you at the Student Expo!

Event Details:

*Pretoria, Brooklyn Mall

Date: 20 – 22 February

Time: Thurs & Fri 9-6pm. Saturday 9-3pm.

Entrance: free

*Cape Town, Tygervalley Shopping Centre (Northern Suburbs)

Date: 13 – 16 March

Time: Thurs & Fri 9-6pm.  Sat 9-3pm.

Entrance: free

*Johannesburg, Nicolway Bryanston

Date: 10-12 April

Time: Wed – Fri 9-6pm.  Sat & Sun 9-3pm.

Entrance: free

*East London, Vincent Park

Date: 28 Jul to 2nd Aug

Time: Thurs & Fri 9-6pm. Sat 9-3pm.

Entrance: free

*Cape Town: Blue Route Mall (Southern Suburbs)

Date: 28-30th of Aug

Time: Fri 9-6pm. Sat -Mon: 9-3pm

Entrance: free

For more information visit: www.student-expo.com


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