Africa should be developed and not be a charity case-OYW delegates!

OYW co-founder Kate Robertson said this fulfilled a promise made to African delegates at the first summit in 2010. She said the aim was to present the African continent as a place of investment rather than aid.

OYW South African ambassador Sisamkele Dlakavu, 21, said she was excited that this year’s summit was taking place in Africa.

Dlakavu, who attended the 2011 summit in Switzerland, runs a project that helps expose young kids from townships and rural areas to higher education opportunities.

Former United Nations secretary-general and OYW counsellor Kofi Annan said he was thrilled the summit came to Africa. “Through this summit you can showcase Africa’s richest resource – you,” he said.

Annan said young people were the most vulnerable to consequences of poor governance and they should use their world knowledge to bring change.

British billionaire businessman Richard Branson said he hoped OYW would point youth towards good leadership.

“Good leaders are the ones who go down in history,” he said.

Branson encouraged the use of business to make a difference. In South Africa, more employment would most likely come from smaller businesses, he said.

Founded by Robertson and David Jones, OYW is a global network of leaders between the ages of 18-30.

Jones said the organisation provided a platform for a unique and powerful youth to share their ideas. The initiative was started four years ago.

The summit, which lasts three days, will see delegates from 190 different countries tackle world issues, including poverty and education.

Young ambassadors are selected on the basis of their involvement in their communities.

The closing ceremony takes place on Saturday.


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