Alex goes green!


This is as the result of the new and ‘fresh breath expert’ chewing gum Clorets.

Clorets follows hot on the heels the series of launches Mondelez SA, has undertaken lately having started with Stimorol to Chappies.

As part of community outreach Clorets, decided to go this route in celebration of the new packaging (2-piece box format) at one of SA’s historical rich tounships’ -a slang for township-in the world.

Taking the trash and junk from the street, from an unused barren area with broken drains and dilapidated cars, the 19th Avenue corner will now function as a fresh area for the community to gather for street soccer games, social gatherings at the car-turned Shisha Nyama and community meetings.

They’ve solicited the services of Mbongi Works team, Mandla Ntombela– a talent scout and Oupa Yangipi, the owner of the Supa Fresh green corner, amongst others who helped in making this reality a dream come true; in their own neighborhood.

Lesego Mecoamere (12) says he’s too pleased with the erection of the new ‘stadium’ and will stop playing soccer in the street and now use the new venue because it has poles and articial grass.

This has been a community effort, says Georgina Harpur, Brand Manager for Clorets Chewing Gum.

“The Clorets SUPA FRESH project has truly brought to life the brand’s promise of freshness and confidence in the direct environment of our consumers. We are very excited about the community upliftment, the social connections made and the role of our brand in this special project,” she says.

Clorets 2-piece is sold in two flavours Original and Fresh Mint nationally and sells for a 50c.

Who said dirt is dirt?


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