An attack on journalists at Nkandla condemned by Sanef, as Zuma supporters came in heavily armed ready for WAR!

Some came heavily armed and on social platforms displayed guns and automatic rifles, shooting in the air- in their own stance- defending Zuma and disregarding the law that governs this country. Yes, they were ready for WAR!

Some did not adhere to the Covid-19 regulations by wearing masks that reminded me of a tongue- in cheek comment “why should we care about masks when we’re at war?” by the controversial Edward Zuma- the eldest son to Zuma, this week.

From SABC’s Samkelo Maseko being attacked, strangled and slapped by one of the supporters, to the very same Edward, threatening to burn a media vehicle, is a direct threat to journalists who provide the world with the on-goings reportage be it good or bad.

In response the SA National Editors’ Forum called for accountability from all parties, including the ANC.

“Since Friday, journalists have come under severe attacks while waiting for law enforcement agencies to execute a Constitutional Court ruling. Apart from supporters swearing and hurling verbal taunts at journalists, Edward Zuma, Zuma’s eldest son, also threatened to burn one of the media vehicles parked outside his father’s house.

“We remind all supporters and the Zuma family, and other former ANC leaders who also pitched up to support the former President, that journalists have a right to cover the events. They were not trespassing, nor did they breach any privacy or court regulations,” says Sanef in a media statement.

It said it was concerned these kinds of attacks are a “direct breach of the South African Constitution that protects media freedom and access to information, and by extension the right for journalists to do their work”.

“The impunity in which the Zuma supporters have acted says a lot about the climate that has been enabled for such attacks to happen without consequence. We urge Zuma, and senior leaders supporting him, to curtail and condemn such attacks by calling on his family and supporters to cease and desist from such actions,” Sanef said.

Sunday was Zuma’s final day to hand himself over to police to serve a 15-month prison term for contempt of court. However, the Constitutional Court, which made the ruling, allowed a last minute application to rescind the sentence, meaning Zuma remains free until the hearing on July 12 2021.

Zuma and his supporters must know- the law and the Constitution cannot be contrived just because you’re unhappy with the outcome.  

Image (JG Zuma- not wearing a mask himself- and amabutho at his homestead in Nkandla this past weekend. Some were seen not wearing masks as well).

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