ANC celebrations in Kimberley forging ahead despite possible load-shedding

Some believe rain is a blessing for the ruling party that faces multitudes of problems such as finance, infighting and the bone of contention: Eskom, that has promised there would be no load-shedding during celebrations.

Talk of Eskom, deputy president David Mabuza seemingly has thrown himself under the bus by declaring the President Cyril Matamele Ramaphosa was ‘misled’ by the SOE board when it mentioned there would be no loadshedding until mid-January.

Mabuza was addressing reporters on the sidelines of the ANC’s 8 January outreach programme in Kimberley and explained the power utility would not be able to get rid of load shedding until its maintenance crisis was resolved.

“They’ve misled the president. I insisted that they needed to deal with maintenance. You can’t say there won’t be load shedding when there are issues with load shedding.”

Mabuza said while the Eskom board was struggling to get things right, they would give new CEO Andre De Ruyter a chance to prove himself.

“Now that we have a new CEO, we want him to assess the situation so that we can see where we can assist him”, according to EWN.

This was denied by presidential spokesperson Khusela Diko.

Pres Ramaphosa did not attend today’s annual Golf Day due to fatigue and asked treasurer general Paul Mashatile to stand in for him, who also indicated the ANC was not facing financial crisis as a result of non-payment of salaries to staff.

“Every staff member has been paid and that happens every 25th of every month,” said Mashatile.

Back to the celebrations, the ANC will host the event at the stadium from 7am, on Saturday 11 January.

Over 25 000 followers will be allowed into the venue, and the rest will watch from screens that would be erected outside the venue.

 Yes, the ruling does need rain to cleanse off problems besetting it!

Image (ANC’s treasurer general Paul Mashatile says no financial crisis in the organization).

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