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ANC’s stalwart Andrew Mlangeni condition stable but critical

THE AFRICAN National Congress stalwart Andrew Mlangeni’s situation at hospital is stable but critical.

ANC’s stalwart Andrew Mlangeni condition stable but critical

He was admitted on Wednesday at the Cape Town hospital, confirmed a family member.

Rivonia trialist ntatemogolo Andrew Mlangeni has been hospitalised since Wednesday. Image SLM.

According to his son Sello Mlangeni, he has been in and out of hospital over the past two weeks due to ill health.

“Doctors are describing his condition as unwell but stable. His family is by his bedside in Cape Town‚” Sello said.

Mlangeni – is the only two of the remaining members of the famous Rivonia trialists, alongside Denis Goldberg.

The Dube-Soweto born ntate Mlangeni spent 27 years on Robben Island before being released in 1989.

The family has asked for privacy and more prayers for him.

A Golf fanatic, he made a famous quote during his 93rd birthday- ‘happy marriage should be completed by having sex three time a week’.

He also published a book ‘Backroom Boy’ in 2017.

Get well mkhulu!


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