Any lessons learnt during Downs vs Barca match?

Boys were eliminated from men following a good lesson learnt when Barca ran Downs’ amok. Handful Lionel Messi only played for 10m and the stadium went berserk whenever he touched the ball. Imagine what his opponent made of that?

A lot one might point out.

And guess what the social media was not left wanting as they mocked Downs for going down 3-1 at the packed FNB Stadium, the match many regarded as hastily arranged owing to an exorbitant figure mining guru Patrice Motsepe & associates had to part away with.

So, what the heck?

As per the deal, Barca brought their best line-up despite niggling injuries to the outgoing or retiring stalwart Iniesta, world’s stars Messi and Suarez, whom immediately after the final whistle had to hop on their private Jet to prepare for end of season commitments.

What was learnt and did Downs’ players gain a lot from this encounter, your guess is just good as mine.

Despite everyone, including SA soccer big shots clamouring for Messi’s selfies, it was a thrilling affair that showed South African football is way too far from matching the European standards. Period…

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