Barefoot is in the past

 The donation of shoes was made in partnership with Human Settlement, Public Safety and Liaison and NW Parliament.

MEC Desbo Mohono said mitigating against conditions such as poverty, ongoing abuse and child headed households will serve to motivate underprivileged learners to enjoy their constitutional right, freedom and democracy.

“The constituency office will continue with its outreach programme which includes visits to farm dwellers and domestic workers which would be a joined programme with the Department of Labour,” she said to well mannered learners, teachers and parents.

This is part of the Constituency Outreach programme which responded to the call made by President Jacob Zuma during his State of the Nation Address to extent government programmes in fighting poverty.

Gaaesi Mmusi, NW Parliament said, said the programme is aimed at restoring the pride, dignity and hope of the learners as part of creating a caring and people centered society.


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