Beyonce records ready to play hard and fair!

Recently, the label company had invited guests to witness what they’ve cooked in-store and get-up, close and share secrets with their artists: who they are, where they come from, etc…

The party lived to its adage “to wet everyone’s appetite” and the artists did not fail either.
As for the female Kwaito duo Queens of Dance, they possess party sound with energetic beats and their dance moves would certainly put them on the local map of music scene, provided they up their tempo a bit!

Please avoid imitations it won’t get you anywhere, stru! Originality works.Period.

Loaded with mind blowing and sexy moves, creative dance acts and very unique Kwaito vocals, Queens of Dance has transformed into new sound with old style and fashion stoppers. Their delicate sexy appeal has left many fans asking for more.

Wonk’ umuntu Ujabulile” the album since released last week for summer is out, and already has received air-play on various stations.               

Another upcoming artist and good performer on stage Vukani, unleashed an album simply tiltled “Ubuso Bencwadi” which had everyone on their toes on the evening.

The tired and old cliche that “slender never get’s tired unless the owner is careless” proved true as the slender one made remarkable moves which almost perished the stage. Aha…

Other artists would be revealed soon by the company.

SA, be warned Beyonce Records is on a warparth!

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