Bisquit&Dubouché cognac reunion in grand style

Described as ‘a soiree of celebration and exploration’ the key message was to relaunch this very special cognac back in the radar owing to the pandemic by the Campari Group, an Italian liqueur  company.

According to gorgeous Campari marketing director Khanya Mashalaba, the launch was to reunite Alexandro Bisquit (the pioneer) and Adriene Dubouché ( the creative) the two amazing and fearless founders who created Bisquit & Dubouché.

Campari acquired Bisquit from Distell in 2017 and according to Khanya, the decision was a ground breaking moment for the company.

“Since then we haven’t looked back” says Khanya with authority, who’s name literally means light.

“Its rebellious, fearless and non traditional,” she continues.

Guests were introduced to the brand’s rebellious nature through three cocktails, featuring surprising flavours such as ginger beer, lavender and peach – each one enhancing the smooth, refined finish of the cognac.

Cocktail glasses were filled with The Griffin, featuring ginger beer, fresh lemon and candied ginger alongside the cognac; Royal Aviation, a delectable mix of Bisquit&Dubouche, lavender syrup and fresh lemon; and Peach Smash – a fresh pairing of mint and peach playing off Bisquit&Dubouche’s V.S. (Very Special).

While guests enjoyed the consistent taste Bisquit&Dubouché has become renowned for, they were introduced to the brand’s new look. The new look is an ode to Bisquit&Dubouché founders, pioneer and innovator Alexandre Bisquit and his son-in-law, a creative and bohemian world traveller, Adrien Dubouché.

With this relaunch, Bisquit&Dubouché restores its founders’ ambition and spirit into the essence of the brand while introducing it to a new generation.

The new, sleek bottle with metallic silver and black accents adorning the label is a departure from the traditional cognac bottles on shelves today.

The brand’s symbolic griffin, a legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; established as the “guardian” of the first cellars where the precious liquid aged, has been redesigned to reflect boldness and power.

Such activations will unfold as the year progresses owing to the pandemic, of which Khanya said, has affected production and their marketing campaigns as they have to adhere to Covid-19 protocols.

Despite all that, we still advocate responsible consumption of liquor, a norm advocated by Italians worldwide, says the former cigarette marketing executive.

Various DJs and a musician wrapped up the evening in true cognac style!  

Grazie madame Khanya.

VS retails for R449. 99

VSOP retails for R719. 99

Image (Campari marketing manager Khanya Mashalaba showing off one of their Bisquit&Dubouché cognac offering’s at the celebration launch held at Solo restaurant- Sandton).

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