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Bitchy Khanyi launches her book finally!

Packed by her followers and bookworms, the limelight seeker said the book would reveal the other side of her, what truly happened and future endevours, amongst others.

“This book would get the nation talking, perspired and of course, intriguing,” she said much to the applause.

It comes with a 16-page ‘sordid’ photo section.

Having had the luxury to peruse it, the book reveals what led to her falling for older man, money,drugs, background upbringing, peer-pressure, bitchyness, hurting, drama and changing men like pants, etc…

“I’m done dating older-rich men, “she declared.

I got what I wanted and so they too. As from now onwards I’m going to be a God unto me, for God has given me another chance to be reborn-again.”

What would be described as sought-after material by showbiz industry players’, it is authored and edited by City Press entertainment editor Lesley Mofokeng who is also a friend of Khanyi.

Posed to her what her actions meant to family, particularly her daughter, the inspired and cool resembling Diva said, she somewhat felt obligated to tell her that in this world, you are alone and no one would watch your back.

“You are alone in this World”.

Dressed decently as opposed to skimpy designs she’s used to, Khanyi went to point out that:”My family has been through thick and thin for me. Why would they desert me now when I’m on the mend?” she asked.

“I’ve taught her from right to wrong. I’ve taught her to be responsible and not to be fooled by others. God is the saviour and she should be only fearful of Him.”

She also mentioned that, she looks up to Mama Winnie Madikizela- Mandela, whom she described as her mentor and Saviour.

Sunday Times Opinion and Insight editor and award winning author Fred Khumalo was amongst the attendants.

According to NB publishers a follow up edition could be in the pipeline depending on the sales.

Its available throughout the country at Exclusive Books stores for R165.

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