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BPSA launch new tech to fight dirt on your car!

New Active technology to fight dirt by BP has been launched.

BPSA launch new tech to fight dirt on your car!

New frontiers. BPSA launch new technology to fight dirt on your car. From left Tebogo Mekoa, BPSA head of marketing, Reneilwe Letswalo-spokesperson and head of retail and CE Daniel Odogwu at the launch last night.

The five-year development has been designed to give high-spec engine technologies and benefit older vehicles.

The new BP Ultimate fuels start working to fight the effects of dirt the moment you start your engine, and with ongoing use help deliver a smoother drive, reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance and gives you more kilometres per tank up to 56 km more when using new BP Ultimate Diesel.

Head of Retail and BP South Africa Spokesperson, Reneilwe Letswalo commented: “We set out to develop a fuel that would tackle the problem of harmful dirt, genuinely support engine performance and help people maintain the health of their car and avoid costly trips to a mechanic.

What we’ve achieved over the last five years is a new range of Ultimate fuels that not only clean engines but start doing so from the very first fill, whatever the age of the engine, and help deliver that all important fuel economy. We are pleased to bring our newest dirt-busting innovation and best ever range of Ultimate fuels to our customers in South Africa.”

Over 80 different test methods were used by scientists, globally to verify this latest techno.

The launch of this latest technology took place last night.

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