Bucs celebrate 75th anniversary!

The two greats attended the gala dinner among many other celebrities.

Safa were represented by one of its deputy presidents, Shoes Mazibuko.

Sono and Motaung were also not shy to compliment club chairman Irvin Khoza.

“I congratulate Pirates for staging a memorable celebration of their 75 years of football,” said Motaung, whom Khoza described as the most photographed Pirates’ player, followed by Sono.

“It was exciting and nostalgic to share in the excitement during their golf day and we hope the excitement continues for the remainder of the season.”

Sono said: “There have been times when I will be chasing a certain player, the next moment Dr Khoza usemthathile (has signed the player).

“I loved Pirates. I loved my number 10 jersey, I just wanted to score and didn’t listen to the coach. Happy birthday Pirates, wish you all the best.”

An emotionally drained Khoza, a  confessed lover of classical music, could not contain his emotion and was seen wiping away tears as the male trio, Afrotenor belted out Nessun Dorma, which is one of Khoza’s favourite songs.

Stanley “Screamer” Tshabalala  jokingly said Motaung  was the cause of an injury that wrecked his career with a back-heel pass that caused him to collide with an opposition goalkeeper.

Motaung retorted: “It was a good pass and he was too slow.”

Sono added: “Tshabalala got the nickname Screamer because every time you passed him the ball, he didn’t kick it but screamed.”

Legendary poet Don “Bra Zinga Special” Mattera said: “Pirates is not only a soccer club, it is a way of life.”

“Even if people have no shares, do not own property, they are the spiritual owners of the club.

“It is the people’s club, it is like the ANC. It has a hurting umbilical cord”.

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