C30 Volvo shows no remorse off road

 From the look of the locals the five-cylinder C30 sounded too greater and it does deliver the goods (6.2sec 0-62mph). With their eyes fixated on the male gender symbol- if we may- the diagonal strikethrough line on the grille, was inviting after all!

For starters, due to the ever increasing petrol/diesel in this country the T5 held its own. Using diesel was a real bargain and, of course depending how you accelerate especially off the road and hair- pin bends.

It’s a kind of luxury performance C30 – luxury because it’s the most expensive model in the entire range, only comes in the top three trim levels and manual box, although my colleague concurs that it has the automatic feeling.   

The C30 Volvo uses the same five-cylinder 2.5-litre turbocharged motor that is so effective in other vehicles it competes with.

During our trip we reached clogged 100kph in 8, 15 seconds. With such attitude this made a difference in the average hotly contested hatch buyer’s life!

Cool, calm and sharp on the road, C30 has found itself new friends and critics who often than not, engaged on its looks design and feminism, so they say! Ag nee man!

Yep, the only turn off is the tiny boot which disallowed the goat we had slaughtered for ‘comfortability’. (Un)Fortunately, we had to disengage the whole boot top which took 25minutes the least to work and re-work. That did not go well with the elders!

Interior spoke volume since it comes with combination of leather and something that looks like ‘aluminium’ but has a warmer touch. From keyless to state of the art features are common lately and C30 did not fail to impress either.

On the exterior, the beefed up big wheels and accentuated wheel arches sells this hatch back. The body has had some minor facial reconstruction so that the headlights now curl around the side of the bonnet and towards the wheel arches.

All Volvo owners will be able to find the familiar buttons blindfolded, or at least adapt to any minor changes without hassle.

Retailing from R R341 000, C30 hatchback has indeed made its entry into either B or C level segment.


Diesel (1 to 10) 6

Road adaptability (1 to 10) 5


2521cc, 20v 5-cyl petrol, 162kW @ 5000rpm, 320Nm @ 1500rpm



6-speed manual, front-wheel drive


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